Ken's nerd ass data dump page

I'm not going to waste time formatting this page correctly just yet. This is just a place to dump information that others may find useful, and that I will likely forget 5 minutes after completing the project.

Also, I am Ken. If you are looking at this website, I probably either made you mad enough arguing about jeeps or politics on the internet to web-stalk me, in which case I'm laughing at you, or you are one of like maybe six people I actually talk to on this planet, in which case hi, I'm sorry my website looks like it's 1989.

Tektronix info

First of all, you need to look at W140 TekWiki before digging through this page. It almost certainly contains the info you're looking for.

I own way too many Tek scopes. I've owned still more in the past but for one reason or another don't have them anymore. Here's a partial list:

  • Tek 2213A - I had nine of these at one point that I dumpster dived at the community college I went to. I'm down to one, having given most of the rest away and sold a few. It's a decent 60MHz dual channel analog CRT scope, I use mine as my "beater" scope when working on auto EFI systems in the shop.
  • Tek 465A - I've got one of these somewhere. Where? Who knows.
  • Tek 465B - got one of these here too. Also a decent scope. 100MHz dual channel. I normally lend this to people who ask to borrow a scope for a while.
  • Tek 7904 - my 900lb gorilla. It's not much by todays standards but it cost more than a house in the early 70s when mine was built. I have done extensive repairs on it. They are detailed here:Tek 7904 common issues and repairs
  • Tek 7A26 - this is actually just a vertical input card for the 7000 series scopes. I have seen many people posting common problems and repairs but they were lacking some info so I will post what I have as well: Tek 7A26 common issues and repairs

    Ham Radio info

    I am, of course, a ham radio nerd. Where else are you going to find poor formatting, piles of disorganized information literally no one cares about, and long winded rants, tangents, and distractions from the subject of the page?

    Useful References:

  • Magnet Wire Specs
  • Basic Coil Inductance Calculator

    Junk I've worked on:

  • Vietnam era 6m milspec handheld/helmet radios

    Jeep Junk

    I own way too many jeeps. I have owned even more in the past. Jeep related resources and info will go here. Eventually I might actually start selling some of the things I've designed, but don't count on it.

    Here's a list of things I have half-finished designs of. If you see something on the list you want, email me, I might be willing to finish it for you:

  • 97 & 98-01 XJ 4.0L AW4 TCU - a drop-in replacement PCB for the factory housing that allows anyone to create custom shift control firmware for the AW4, supporting a gear display, CAN bus, factory CCD bus, tiptronic and Winters/RADesigns inputs for manual shift controls, etc etc. This is done as far as hardware design but lacking firmware. I may redesign it to use a different MCU and support an easier user interface for configuration but haven't decided yet.
  • Link ECU Miata supercharger kit replacement IAT - in 2020 I was contacted by a gentleman from the UK in desparate need of a custom board design or repair on a custom IAT sensor for an older Link Miata supercharger EFI kit. It seems the manufacturer was so uninterested in providing replacement sensors that they emailed him the design files and essentially told him he was on his own. We figured out some improvements and I put a new PCB design together and produced a small run of the sensors. All of them are in his hands at this point, if you need one please contact richleyben (at) Once he is out of stock - if that ever occurs - we will probably discuss whether to make another run or not and what price to sell them at, but until then availability and pricing is his to control.
  • FSJ LS swap gauge interface - I'm very picky about how my dashboards on my jeeps look. I don't like aftermarket gauges, I want the interior to look as close to factory as possible even with a swapped engine. Since I have an LS engine with a factory LS ECU running it in my '79 J10, that means either doubling up on all sensors or building a device that converts from the LS ECU serial data output format to run the factory analog gauges off it.
  • XJ daytime running lamp auto-on controller - this will turn the headlights on automatically when the vehicle exceeds a certain speed.
  • "one wire" power window/door lock/mirror control system. Jeeps are plagued with door wiring harness breakage and I'm tired of it. Also, many of us want to be able to go doorless but don't want to deal with unplugging and reconnecting big clunky factory door wiring harness connectors every time, and there are no clean solutions to the problem. This product will make it possible to run any and all factory door switches and locks/window motors/mirror controls (as long as they are hardwired style not LIN or CAN bus) directly off one small module that installs in each door with a single power and ground wire, so you can use a simple high flex silicone RC car battery cable with 2 pins (power and ground) from each door to the chassis.
  • fuel gauge recalibrator - this will allow nearly any fuel gauge sender to work with nearly any Jeep fuel gauge or ECU. RENIX sender with 91+ MJ gauge? Got it. Opposite problem? Sure. Either one with a 97+ ECU and 97+ instrument panel without having to chop up a Dakota fuel tank? Yeah, that's possible too.
  • 00-up XJ P0303/P0304 fuel rail vapor lock got you down? How about a custom fan timer that you simply plug in between the factory electric fan and the harness, then connect one wire to the battery and forget about it? Sure, you can use an ELK960 timer, and that's been my recommendation for years now, but I can make a much more hassle free, waterproof, temp rated module for those who don't feel like futzing around with wiring... and I can probably do it for around the same price, too.
  • 87-90 XJ 4.0L RENIX TPS - bulletproof edition. I have had to replace mine personally several times and I'm getting tired of it. It's just a matter of time until I get frustrated enough with that to make a bulletproof, waterproof, self-calibrating one. Interested? Peer pressure me into doing it sooner.
  • Custom drop-in PCB for intermittent wiper control module in XJs and MJs with 94-down GM steering column - I just heard a few weeks ago that the timer module for this, while factory optioned, is no longer available new. I also just swapped one of these into my J10 only to have it fail, so I will be looking into what it takes to fix them. If yours needs repair and I determine I can do that, I will do it for a nominal fee, but I am also looking at designing a replacement that should be a bit more intelligent (hopefully) than the factory one when it comes to intermittent timing. It's always bugged me how there is never the perfect intermittent wiper speed for a foggy misty morning...

    Useful References:
  • International Full Size Jeep Association
  • The copy of Mr. N's old dana 44 and dana 60 info page. It appears this went down sometime in 2017 and the owner's domain expired in 2019... so if you want this info save it.
  • BillaVista's tech bible, though it's missing a few files since its move from the old Pirate4x4 tech area.
  • Not to be outdone by the last two, I will be collecting my own research on factory rear 60/70/80 axleshaft availability here
  • the MNet Tire Size Calculator
  • the GrimmJeeper Gear Ratio Calculator